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New York City-native, Nancy Ludmerer is an author of over 75 published stories and essays. Nancy's fiction has been described as "trim, witty, unpredictable" (Stuart Dybek), "at times hilarious, at other times heartbreaking" (Alice Kaltman), and filled with characters that "stay with you because they have so much heart" (Pamela Painter).  Her "small crystalline stories" (Karin Lin-Greenberg) reveal "what goes on when the doors are closed and the shades drawn" (Paul Beckman).  She "writes with deep understanding of the nuanced frailties of human relations" (Kaltman).  


Click on the "Collateral Damage:  48 Stories" link to find out about her new prize-winning collection in which her mastery of flash fiction is particularly on display. Karen Bender has called Nancy "one of the best writers of flash fiction out there today."


Click on the "Publications" link to view a small selection of Nancy's published short stories that are not in her new book. 


Click on the "More" link to read her bio, find out about news or events and learn how to contact or to arrange for Nancy to speak about flash fiction and/or read from her work at a bookstore, Zoom session, library, book club or other event, or simply to say hello.


Nancy is a native-New Yorker whose writing career has spanned over 3 decades. Beyond having been published in leading journals, Nancy is the recipient of numerous awards.

Click on the respective links for "Collateral Damage: 48 Stories" and "Publications" to read Nancy's work and find out how to order her book.

For press and all other inquiries, please click on the "More" link above and scroll to contact.

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